Mental Banana

Mental Brand

Mental Banana is a collaborative brand with Goofylab.
We love and believe in Yellow + Banana = Happy!

Mental Character

Ban is the name of him, and he is so cute. He loves to play outside and to eat banana everyday. His eyes are so big, and his arms are so strong. He loves everyone, and you can be his friends too! 🙂

Banana Download

“Oh! My Banana” is a simple and cute one-touch arcade mobile game. It’s inspired by yellow bananas, and I believe banana makes people happy all the time. I love bananas, and people who love bananas or yellow styles will like this app too.


Banana Feature 3 Banana Feature 2 Banana Feature 1

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It has been published on both Google Play and App Store for now.

Banana Costumes

Mental Character S 1 Mental Character S 2 Mental Character S 3 Mental Character S 4

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